Kentico Gold Partner

A Website that you can manage yourself and keep right up to date gives you full control of your online presence.

We have delivered over 50 websites using Kentico and our development and marketing force is fully Kentico certified. We exclusively use Kentico for our Content Management projects.

Ranking within the top 5 Kentico Agencies in the UK and top 10 in the USA you can confidently rely on us to look after your digital needs. 

If you are looking to start using Kentico for the first time our Kentico team will make your onboarding a positive experience. We provide bespoke training aligned to your needs that will empower you to be in full control of your website. 

If you are already with Kentico and are looking to transition to a new partner in order to enhance what you have at the moment look no further! We have a well established process to transition existing Kentico implementation to Discover IT without impacting your current operations.

Our mission is to augment your digital teams and enhance your resource capabilities. We can work with you on-site or can work independently delivering and adding value in the background.

Discover IT was an early adopter of Kentico, having used it since 2005.

We guarantee a high standard website that you will be able to manage yourself and keep up to date, giving you full control of your online presence day or night.

Our team of certified Kentico Developers have outstanding knowledge of the product and advanced skills in implementing it. Therefore we want to give you a website that uses the full power of the Enterprise Marketing System which will provide, monitor and maintain a promotional structure across any organisation.

We have:

  • 52 websites with Kentico
  • 4 Certified Kentico Developers
  • 7 Sites of the month

As Discover IT is a Kentico Gold Partner we use Kentico exclusively for building content-managed websites. We love to share our knowledge at Kentico conferences all over the world to help enhance our future evolution of the solution.

Kentico is a leading enterprise-class CMS platform and the Kentico interface is intuitive and easy to use. It’s simple but powerful user interface is entirely browser-based, making it ideal for quick website updates - without having to call your webmaster.