As a Kentico Hosting Partner, whatever your Kentico hosting needs, Discover IT has the expertise to work with you and deliver your hosting environment. Hosting with a reliable service and uptime and above all keeping your business safely online 24/7. 

We have deployed, and managed hosting in these configurations:

  • Microsoft Azure Web Apps and SQL 
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines
  • AWS Virtual Machines
  • Support and assistance with your dedicated hosting environment

Our recommended approach will always meet Kentico's Server and hosting requirements. Additionally, the site and server will be configured to maximise the performance of Kentico.

Discover IT also is experienced in configuring  Active Monitoring, to continuous monitor website uptime and business-critical workflows.

If you need to host Kentico in a highly available, securestable, and scalable environment, and require expert assistance to achieve this, get in touch.