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This is a brand new Kentico implementation aimed at nurse practitioners in the US. The website is a curated library of clinical tools, educational resources, and inspiring stories from nurse practitioners. The main goal is to support the nurse practitioners needs as they support their patients with mental illness. This is an unbranded website developed for Allergan now a part of the AbbVie Group. 


As with all educational websites the main challenge is to make them appealing to their target audience without being overbearing and overloading them with information.

As there is vast information & documentation in relation to mental illness, the challenge was to architect the website in a way where the nurse practitioners can find quickly and efficiently the information that is relevant to their specific interest and needs. This is where personalisation made a big difference to this implementation. 


Nurse practitioners can navigate the “public” pages of the website without the need to have an account or log in and navigate through the available public documentation. 

The website has advanced and sophisticated search functionality that is complemented with several filters that allow the users to drill down to the information they need quickly.

For regular users, there is the facility to register. The registration process enables the nurse practitioners to set their subject matter interests and personalise their dashboards so they always see the information that is relevant to them.

The website also has an events calendar that is publicly available and features all the upcoming events in the mental health space that are relevant to nurse practitioners.

The website has been built in Kentico MVC and has been audited by the Kentico Quality team and passed with a 90% score.

It is hosted in a sophisticated Azure environment and has been tested extensively in terms of accessibility, performance, browser and device compatibility.